Arabs In Blockchain

We aim to build a strong supportive community by facilitating the know-how transfer and eliminating the language barrier.

Where do we focus

Increase the blockchain awareness in the Arab region
Connect the blockchain global community to our local communities and vice versa
Diversify the blockchain community by mitigating the gender and ethnic imbalance in the blockchain community.
Connect startups and blockchain enthusiasts in the Arab region to the most relevant in blockchain worldwide
Share and create blockchain related opportunities for our local communities to be leveraged
Mitigate the language barrier by Increasing the Arabic content in blockchain

Who We Are & What We Do

We are blockchain community builders caring about connecting and empowering the Arab community in Blockchain to facilitate the  access to creative , business ,capital and technology through talent matchmaking
  • Dec 2020 – Launch Official Announcement ~ Details 1 & 2 
  •  Jan 2021: Our first activity The Opened Doors webinar series Details
  •  Feb 2021 – Arab student mentorship programAnnouncing the Arab student mentorship program ~ Details
  • June 2021 – Arab Blockchain WeekCo organizing the first Arab blockchain week in the region ~ Details 
  • Aug 2021 – StartAD Partnership new Partnership with startAD as Ecosystem Partners in their “Corporate Sprint Accelerator” program ~ Details
webinar sessions
Mentorship Programs


Market Entry

Through our activities and deep relation in the market, we help businesses to grow and get more exposure in the Arab region market.

Talents Match-make

Match companies with the best candidates from the Arab region

Community Building

One-one support to the community. Organize events ( webinars, hackathons , meetups , conferences ) in Arabic to mitigate the language barrier and increase the blockchain awareness in the Arab communities. Organize mentorship program to support students and startups.


Support startups and companies that seek consultation by matching them with a pool of experts to achieve a big success in their blockchain projects . Need consultation? We are here for you! Contact us to leverage the Arab experts here

Current and Upcoming Programs

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Arab Web Train

The Arab web3 train is an educational train that aims to provide educational sessions in the university camps to onboard university students to the blockchain domain.

Arab Blockchain week

Arabs in Blockchain is honored to co-organize the Arab blockchain week on an annual basis
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With collaboration with NoonDAO, We are working on building a community to empower Arab women in blockchain technology.
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With collaboration with Taxir, We are working on the first Arabic blockchain glossary to eliminate the barriers in blockchain translation in improve the Arabic content Student mentorship program

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